How it works

KnowBituary is a cloud based utility which affords rapid notification in the event of the life change of a loved one or professional colleague.

When members join they form their "village" utilizing knowbituary to download their contacts from their social networks and smart phone.The member then has the option to delete any "villagers" they wish. The villagers will be stored in a robust database and uniquely linked to the member.

When a life event occurs, members may select from a library of notices, customize these or create their own original messages.They may also elect to add additional material from extraneous sources such as local newspapers.

Networks of friends and colleagues have become increasing decentralized. Knowbituary fills the "notification gap" for a member who, for example, has a 500 member village spread geographically around the United States and possibly the world. This will allow villagers to respond in a timely manner (utilizing their own resources or the tools provided on the Knowbituary site).

This needs work but its a start.

An interesting paragraph for this may be to differentiate why Knowbituary is by far the best candidate to fill the "notification gap". I rarely speak with people about this project but I have been asked repeatedly why Facebook is not already the answer. The reasons seem pretty clear:

1. The subject matter of a serious health setback or death are really not appropriate for Facebook in many people's minds.

2. Limiting your notice network to your Facebook friends cuts down your contacts considerably as opposed to the Knowbituary method.

3. Many Facebook users do not look at it daily or even weekly so notices would often go unread. for weeks or months

Another alternative is the "custom email list". This may work at 25 or so contacts but building for example a custom distribution list for say hundreds of contacts, at a difficult time in life, seems like a very poor solution.

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