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These ladies are both wearing a set of hearing aids. If you didn't see them, don't feel bad period, most people have trouble spotting these types of hearing aids.
(That's one reason our patients love them)

Our Hearing Aid Factory Outlet Partners

All of our Hearing Aid Factory Outlet Locations meet every standard of amazing hearing care practices and more. They not only meet these standard,but they raise the bar, with unique services such as: at-home appointments, In-house financing, remote programming/adjustments, 7 days a week availability, and late night availability. These are revolutionary additions that are hard to find on their own let alone all of them with one company. This level of commitment to making hearing health not only affordable but easily accessible truly makes this company the best place to receive your hearing care.

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Our experts will complete a full “Hearing Health Diagnostic” with you and program a set of hearing aids custom to your hearing loss.


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Hearing aids

Hearing loss affects thousands of Americans everyday and North Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet has your solution. Our hearing aid selection includes options for every lifestyle, ensuring you’ll find the best fit for your lifestyle and budget.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is easy to identify but tough to come to terms with. We all know that friend or family member that says “what”, “huh”, or “stop mumbling!” all the time; some of us is that loved one. It is important to understand that

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We Offer the Best Hearing Aids at the Lowest Prices

How do we do it?

We partner with hearing centers all over the state of Georgia which meet our 7 standards per practice. If the company meets our extremely strict standard, we team up with them and offer our resources to these partnered companies. When these companies become full partners they offer our 45-day trial and services for free for the life of the hearing device. These partnered locations do not bill for any service when associated with our Gahear.com program. This extraordinary type of patient protection is the future of hearing care and is a long time coming. When you schedule your appointments through us, you have exclusive access to our amazing pricing and services for the life of your hearing aids. The principal behind Gahear.com was to protect the patients and allow people to try hearing aids without feeling pressured into anything. There is never any financial risk for our patients, and we offer both premium and affordable hearing aids to meet all hearing needs. There is a large learning curve when someone gets their first set of hearing aids and risk free trial is the best way to determine if you or a loved one can benefit from hearing aids, so call today and schedule your trial.

The trial period is scheduled to be discontinued

November 1st, 2018


The Required 7 Standards IN Our Practices:

  • Free services must include (cleanings, adjustments, in house repairs, tests, and demonstrations)
  • The company must have weekend availability
  • the specialists must be TeleCare Experts
  • Offers hearing aids manufactured only in the United States, Germany, or Canada
  • ALL hearing aids must be and remain “Unlocked” (this allows other companies to program and adjust the hearing devices)
  • The company must provide a minimum of a 2 year loss and damage warranty on all devices
  • The company must have exceptional patient care.

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We are located all over the state of


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At the moment we have two full partner locations, that offer the 45 day risk trail. After the trial period if you decide you would like to purchase a set of hearing aids then you can receive your services at any of our locations for free, for the life of your hearing aids. (not just your warranty period like other hearing care providers).

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