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Ultimate Pain Control

Hello, I’m Andy Jacobsen (folks often just call me AJ), and three things you might like to know about me are:

Every six months to a year, I make up about 60 quarts of (bow-shot) venison chili plus a fair amount of sausage, most of which I donate to our church fundraiser or give away to needy individuals. Shown here is a second day moment in a five-daylong process. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, my goal is to help you get back to enjoying it in good health once again.

• I’m a cancer survivor
• I’ve been designing and recording self-help messages for 40+ years (also called a subliminal or hypnotic message)
• I’m a lifelong committed Christian, and my downloadable Christian oriented pain relief message is prayer-like in nature (and when has it ever been in your best interest NOT to ask God for help? Does He not have control over it all?)

Over the years, my messages have helped folks play their sport of choice at a higher level, overcome the psychological obstacles presented by overeating and smoking, and get along better with their significant other, as well as many other endeavors.

Our US Government as well as many doctors in concert, have opted to limit, and in many cases, totally eliminate habit forming prescription opioids as a form of pain relief. Chances are that’s the very reason you are now searching for alternative answers.

I do not advocate for the total replacement of prescription pharmaceuticals as that answer. What I do propose is that a self-help message such as I offer via download, can be a highly satisfying adjunct to doctor prescribed medication for pain relief.



I first designed and recorded a pain relief message for use by myself after cancer surgery, and during chemo. It worked very well, and I am now pleased to offer a similar message to you on a money-back basis, and at a very low cost.

The pain control message which I have designed will inhibit the pain signals you get in your brain from reaching your nerve endings. Probably not to the level of your being pain free without meds, but sufficiently so to offer meaningful relief and the relaxed, composed feeling necessary to carry on with everyday tasks without constantly thinking about the pain and when to take the next pill.

An excerpt of my prayer-like message may be listened to by clicking on the right-arrow below. If you were listening to the complete message in a quiet environment, you would need earbuds as well as to turn the volume down to the lowest level easily understood by you. (The first 50 seconds is the intro.)

Over the last seven years, I have judiciously tracked the success rate of both secular and prayer-like messages I’d done for clientele on a specific but varied group of users, and found that about 97% who listened to a prayer-like message felt they had succeeded at or beyond their expectations. This compares with a lesser percentage listening to a secular message. And that is why I now offer only prayer-like messages to persons looking to lessen their suffering.

That is also why I can offer a money-back program – if you are not happy with your results anytime within 90 days from the date of purchase, just email me requesting your money back. No questions will be asked; the monies will be immediately returned. Now is that offer not worth $22? And exactly how does such a self-help message work?

Simple. The message needs to be listened to at or close to bedtime in a quiet environment, and goes directly to your subconscious mind – that part of your brain which works 24/7 – to do things for you which you could never do on a conscious level. (Psychoanalysts often prefer to call it the unconscious mind.)

There is one more thing I want to tell you, though it isn’t really relevant to my ability to help you with pain relief. It is that I’ve been basically retired for several years now, and have primarily limited my skills to my hobby of choice – archery. As things turn out, archers have a tendency to fall into a peculiar psychological trap called “target panic,” and that has been a main focus of my retirement – helping them to overcome that psychological issue. The only website I’ve ever employed up till now deals with that issue exclusively; here are some reviews from it.

How to order

Click on the Order button at the top of this page, place your order using either Paypal or a credit card, and you will receive a confirmation email with a listening link. Shortly thereafter, dropbox.com will email you a download link. After downloading, you can listen to your message on a smartphone or other type of mobile device. If the order is received during regular business hours, that first email should arrive very shortly; if not, it will still arrive within 12-18 hours. Instructions for use are outlined in the email.