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Sliver Fish

Silverfish is a silver or pearl gray-colored very small insect without wings. They may suddenly appear in your house just from nowhere. Kitchens, Attics, Basements, and Bathrooms are the places where you have a higher chance to find them. They like dark damp places and lay eggs in such areas too.

Silverfish is not exactly harmful and do not bite humans but they are expert in destroying clothes, books, cloth furniture, and furnishings. If you have standing water at your home and plenty of food sources for these insects you may expect to have silverfish infestation very soon.

To avoid silverfish invade your house, you need to identify these tiny insects and take timely action.

Are you facing problems for pest infestation? We are here to help you keep the pests away from your home and lead a hygienic, stress-free, pest-free, comfortable life.

Here are the steps we offer:


    We offer you exclusive pest infestation evaluation services before making a customized solution for your pest hazards. Our team of experts will visit your place to inspect the situation and talk to you to know about your observations. We will make a roundup pest control plan based on your problems which will fully tackle the pest hazard and keep your place safe and secured.

    Our trained service providers are extremely cooperative who will explain to you the methods which include the safety standards we follow both for humans and pets. They will also answer all your queries and make you aware of the expected timeline to get the best results.


    Once the evaluation process is over we will identify and uproot the source of the problem which will relieve you from pest hazards. Our specialized techniques will protect you from different types of common and dangerous pests which will last for long.

    Usually, a typical pest extermination process takes only a few hours and you do not need to leave the house. But if it takes a longer time our service providers will inform you in time.


    We provide the best preventive solutions to control your pest population. Our monthly pest control maintenance packages keep your property pest-free forever. We also have one time programs to meet various types of needs of our customers.

Silverfish Resources

What attracts silverfish?

Foods containing starch, protein, and sugar are the things that attract silverfish. They also like wet, dark areas of your house.

How do they get inside our houses?

These tiny insects make their way to your home through books and newspapers and cardboard boxes you bring from outside.

When you can find these insects?

Like any other insect, silverfish loves to come out at night and hide themselves during the day. They also eat and mate at night.

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