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4 Things to Look For in a Kick A** Realtor

#1) HONESTY!! You want an Agent that tells you what you DON’T want to hear, this just means that they are being completely up front with you. If you just want to work with someone that tells you what you DO want to hear then grab your box of tissues and a few aspirin because […]

Bringing it on Hardcore in 2017

*Controlling your destiny* * What Resolutions have you made for this new year?? *Are you going to hit the gym for a few weeks in an asserted effort to obtain your “annual beach bod” for this summer? *Are you going to plan to take more vacations? if so is that WITH or WITHOUT your family […]

Mortgage Qualification is Easier Than You Think!

Lenders have loosened their mortgage guidelines, So why not loosen your purse strings? Shelter is a basic human need. Why would you Borrow that need from somebody else? Your landlord has the right to increase your rent at the end of your lease and guess what, if you cannot afford the hike then you are […]

$$ Tips For Buying New Construction

In my opinion some of these big builders walk a thin line when it comes to ethics. There really should be more regulation around this aspect of the real estate industry. Have You ever asked yourself, WHY is it that a builder can magically give $10k in closing cost assistance to one person (if they […]