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The Song of Lemuria – A channeled history

Do you remember the Song of Lemuria? Do you long for the time when all were as one, living on the Earth in sacred harmony… loving God and all of her Creation without any qualms? Do you want to return to this amazing time, even if it is only for an hour or so?

Lemuria was an ancient oceanic culture in the Pacific Ocean. Please listen as Lemurian Donna Carol recollects the Motherland, and let your heart soar with the memory.

Lemurian Donna Carol

Clairvoyant Channel and Energy Healer

Lemurian Donna Carol is the original channel for the Lemurian Mother Goddess, an ancient aspect of Prime Creator. The Mother Goddess lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean that sunk long ago. This original Garden of Eden was the homeland of the sacred feminine principle. Here, divine nurturance, fertility, communication and love were the normal way of life. It is Donna Carol’s divine soul mission to bring this energy back to Terra Nova, or Earth.

Lemurian Donna Carol is a Clairvoyant Medium and Energy Healer. Besides the Lemurian Mother Goddess, she channels the Archangels, various ETs (such as the Arcturians and the Green Hearted Healers), and Ascended Masters. She can also bring in departed human souls to communicate with their living human counterparts. Donna Carol specializes in informational readings, where the following can be discussed:

  • Past Lives
  • Divine Soul Mission
  • Intergalactic Origins
  • Karmic Strengths and Weaknesses

Her guides will align Lightworkers to their soul star and spiritual path. Her calling is healing others. She uses crystals to help achieve these goals.

Lemurian Donna Carol works closely with the healing selenite from Utah and New Mexico. Selenite is Christ Consciousness in crystalline form and bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth. Donna Carol sells this stone so that her clients can have more conscious communication with their own spiritual guides and innate wisdom. She also works with the Pleiadian crystals from Manataka.

Sessions can be arranged in-person (Albuquerque, NM), over-the-phone or through Skype.


Manataka, the name rolls off the tongue, with promises of peace and healing. This legendary valley was a meeting place for Native Americans for thousands of years. It is spoken of in the oral tradition of many tribes. But, what was its purpose?

The sacred crystal caves of Manataka produced healing crystals of a high vibration that are still available today. They were seeded by the Pleiadians and used by Native Americans to heal and gather information. The crystals worked in conjunction with the healing hot springs of Manataka.

Located in Arkansas, the area was considered highly sacred and was known as the Valley of the Vapors in pre-Colombian days. Tribes from all over North and South America met at the valley to communicate with the Creator, and each other. Eventually the springs were capped and exploited, and the caves disappeared. However, the healing energy still remains in this special place.

Donna Carol has been gifted Manataka Crystals from the land and uses them in her work. For an in-person or phone session with her, please call 505-515-5088. Check out her Facebook page at

Donna Carol has a BA in Architectural History and an MBA in Marketing. She has been meditating since 1996. She is certified in Hearthread Healing, IET – Integrated Energy Therapy, and Laughter Yoga. She offers individual spiritual readings, Hearthread healing sessions, publicly channeled messages, channeling courses, monthly spiritual cleanses, and group conscious breathwork sessions. She also sells selenite from Utah and Mexico, as well as crystal angels. Check out her offerings.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Sessions can be done in person, in Albuquerque, NM, via Skype, or over the phone, (505) 515-5088.