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Fund-Gift was founded on the idea that everyone who needs to raise money, whether an organization or just a specific need for an individual, are in great need of convenience that produce better results! What better way to run a fundraiser by actually giving back to those who give to you! It seems as though antiquated product campaigns, waiting for people to generously give or constantly emailing or sharing on social media are no longer producing the same results as they have in previous years. With the undeniable use of social media, giving a gift to those that give and giving to those that give and share we have made fundraising at its simplest form by sharing a custom link, one click at a time!

What Separates Us from other
Donation Campaigns

Everyone who donates will receive a complimentary gift for their contribution. Not only will they have a variety of products to select from, it will be delivered right to their front door!Offering a complimentary gift will entice more people to donate which means your profits will increase and quicker! Our priority is to help you raise MORE money with virtually little to NO EFFORT from you!

"Giving Back to those that Give "

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What Seperate us from Other Donation Platforms

Super Creative

No Data Entry No Upfront Costs No Reconciliation

Out of the Box

No Product Handling,No Money Handling,No Minimum Order(s),No Delivery Day

Insert Icon

No Door to Door Selling,No Depositing Checks,No Submitting Order(s)

Education –                    

Drama Band etc

School Sports

School Supplies

Special Needs –

Medical Memorial                 

Tragedy Travel                

and more

Sport Programs –

Youth College Adult

Corporate and


Non Profit –                         



Youth Groups


No matter what you do

Campaigns Categories

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You can choose from 500+ icons and place it. All icons are pixel-perfect, hand-crafted & perfectly scalable. Awesome, eh?
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