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Carbon | Cargo

CARGO PRO-TEX uses carbon fiber and other carbonbased products to protect cargo from fire, explosions and ballistic events.
Cargo Pro-Tex has partnered with 3M to create a high end fabric encased in material coating, exclusive to Cargo Pro-Tex, that will contain lithium fires when used as a cover for cargo.



  • Lithium battery fires burn at 1800°F and create their own oxygen through a process called thermal runaway
  • Current Fire Containment Covers (FCC) and Unit Load Devices (ULD) cannot contain these fires
  • The most advanced FCC on the market today only withstands 1500°F for six hours.
  • ULDs are constructed out of aluminum that becomes molten at 1250°F.
  • As a result, ~90% of airlines are not adequately protected from these events


  • Cargo Pro-Tex’s state of the art materials and coatings will provide our end customer:
  • The highest and longest lasting fire protection available
  • Less manpower hours to install
  • Use millions of gallons less fuel per year
  • Creates a smaller carbon footprint
  • Triple the life cycle of other products