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Composite Solutions for Cargo Protection With special “3M inside!”


CARGO PRO-TEX uses carbon fiber and other carbon-based products to protect cargo from fire, explosions and ballistic events.

Cargo Pro-Tex has partnered with 3M to create a high end fabric encased in material coating, exclusive to Cargo Pro-Tex, that will contain lithium fires when used as a cover for cargo.


  • Lithium battery fires burn at 1800°F and create their
    own oxygen through a process called thermal runaway
  • Current Fire Containment Covers (FCC) and Unit Load
    Devices (ULD) cannot contain these fires


Cargo Pro-Tex’s state of the art materials and coatings will provide our end customer:
The highest and longest lasting fire protection available
Less manpower hours to install
Use millions of gallons less fuel per year
Creates a smaller carbon footprint
Triple the life cycle of other products


  • Australia 90%
  • Chile 80%
  • Argentina 50%
  • China 20%

Product Information

The world’s top lithium producer in 2016. It produced 14,300 MT of lithium last year, up 200 MT from the year before.

Ranked second for lithium production in 2016, increasing its production from 10,500 MT in 2015 to 12,000 MT last year.

Significantly increased in 2016, reaching 5,700 MT; up from 3,600 MT in 2015. The USGS notes the increase was largely due to a new brine operation.

China production in 2015 and 2016 was 2,000 MT both years. While China’s production is relatively low, the country is the largest consumer of lithium as a result of its electronics manufacturing and electric vehicle industries.